• Street artist Spencer Keeton Cunningham has painted murals on the plywood lining the windows at the boutique clothing store HeidiSays. “Seeing all the storefronts and people I know who have had to board up the stores made me sad, and so that prompted me to find Spencer and just figure out how could we make this plywood look pretty!” said Heidi Myers, the owner of HeidiSays on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights; like fellow creative fnnch — the artist behind The Castro’s honey bear murals — Cunnigham's works consist of a few paintings, designed with bright yellows, blues, and pinks. [KRON4 / SFist]
  • Walmart associates are now required to wear masks at work. Those who frequent the mega-chain's East Bay locations can expect to see employees dawning face coverings amid the pandemic next week; those still working in their corporate offices, as well as distribution centers, will also be required to wear face masks. [CNN]
  • Governor Newsom declares that California is officially in a pandemic-induced recession. During Friday's COVID-19 update, the California Governor announced the state is now knee-deep in a "pandemic-induced" recession; California has seen 3.1 million unemployment claims filed since the public health emergency was declared, with the state's unemployment rate now sitting at 5.3 percent. [KRON4]
  • Russian hackers are thought to be at the center of last month's digital security breach at SFO that resulted in various Windows login credentials being stolen. [Wired]
  • The IRS deposited a coronavirus relief check — on behalf of a deceased San Francisco woman. [ABC7]
  • As if we needed any more reason to applaud our city's teachers, a fair amount of San Francisco educators are pledging their coronavirus relief checks to support those in need. [SF Examiner]
  • Two San Francisco newlyweds are, quite literally, stuck in paradise (read: Sri Lanka) due to the current pandemic, with the pair now weighing the safety options of choosing whether or not to stay put... or take a 45-hour-plus trek back to their Bay Area home. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A Caltrain hit a person in San Francisco late Friday night at the Mission Bay Drive crossing just south of the San Francisco station. [Mercury News]
  • 911 dispatchers are becoming increasingly fatigued, working long hours and enduring the emotional toll that comes with acting as front-line workers during a national crisis. [KTVU]

Image: Unsplash via Kimberly Sterling