Eight-story hands are already silently clapping each evening atop Salesforce Tower, but San Francisco hasn't organized its own cheer to emulate other cities that are applauding healthcare workers outside their windows and off their balconies and fire escapes at a specific hour.

Some city residents want to change that this weekend with a scheduled cheer at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 4.

"Join us in giving our San Francisco healthcare workers and first responders a round of applause," the flyer reads. "Cheer, clap, yell, honk, sing... whatever, to show them we appreciate what they're doing."

As San Francisco teeters on 500 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with an unreported number of those requiring hospitalization, we are poised to see both a continuing rise in positive cases and deaths in the coming weeks. First responders, doctors, and nurses are all facing patients in crisis each day, not to mention everyone else who has fallen ill for other reasons.

A call went out earlier this week — via Twitter and elsewhere — for a nightly round of applause at 7 p.m. in San Francisco, but so far that has not taken off. Let's make this one happen!

Below are some videos of people in Italy, India, Spain, Vancouver, and New York applauding their frontline healthcare workers.

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