Still unsure whether Burning Man will even happen in 2020, given everything, organizers announced Tuesday that the original scheduled dates for registration and ticket-buying are being postponed to an as-yet-undetermined future date.

The Burning Man Project said in recent weeks that they were taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to plans for Burning Man 2020. Most health experts have continued to say that while social-distancing efforts should slow the spread of the virus across the country, we're likely looking at several months of continuing grim tallies and rising hot spots. It will be hard to say even when shelter-in-place orders get loosened how much of this year's event schedule is even feasible, from a public health standpoint.

Now, as SF Weekly reports, the April 1 registration for Burning Man ticket-buying has been postponed, as well as the April 8 main sale date, and organizers say they are still considering selling tickets and making new concessions for refunds given the "unusual" circumstances.

The organizers write in a blog post that they"have not yet set an alternative date for the registration and sale," but they are "committed to continuing to communicate with you in a transparent and timely manner" about what is happening for this year's burn.

"This week, we’re continuing to gather critical information, reach out to our government partners, and seek guidance from experts," they write. "As you all know, there’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty right now."

Two weeks before Burning Man in August is Outside Lands in San Francisco, and the "Eager Beaver" presale tickets for that just sold out last week, with lineup information still to be announced. Outside Lands organizers have yet to make any announcements regarding the coronavirus pandemic — however they did announce on the website that "Refunds are available if Outside Lands is rescheduled or canceled."* BottleRock and Coachella have both postponed until October, hoping that the nation will be ready to party outdoors en masse by then — but even that is feeling optimistic.

Issuing refunds for the usually non-refundable Burning Man tickets could get dicey given the nonprofit's year-round staffing and planning costs — as they write in the blog post, "we are examining all possible scenarios that would enable all of us to weather this storm."

Meanwhile, Burners Without Borders is encouraging burners to go through their playa bins and pull out any unused masks — especially N95 masks — to donate to local healthcare facilities. See more info here.

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Photo via Burning Man Project/Land Art Generator Initiative

*This post has been corrected to show that Outside Lands is guaranteeing refunds for all pre-sale tickets if the festival is rescheduled or canceled.