As the idiom goes: When the cat's away, the mice will play. Though, in this specific instance, it looks like we're the overbearing feline and SF's coyotes are the aloof vermin.

While we're all sheltering in place — ordering in our favorite takeout dishes and pre-made cocktails, streaming theatrical productions from the comfort of our couches — it's clear the city's coyotes are living their best O Magazine lives.

The likes of SFGate and Business Insider, among a few other national and local media outlets, took notice of something peculiar on social media: Coyotes were regularly popping up in SF's urban sprawls amid the current shelter-in-place order.

One SFGate reader, Jane, saw a handful of coyotes this week at Twin Peaks, telling the news source she's "never seen one at Twin Peaks (and I've literally been there hundreds of times). I think they're feeling free to roam given the general lack of traffic." Similarly, Gianna Toboni of VICE tweeted out that her family observed three of the North American canines near her San Francisco home.

Photo: Twitter via @MattPotter

While coyotes pose little to no threat to us bipedal beings, it's worth mentioning you should never approach any wild animal — a fitting parallel now that we're all actively social distancing. Don’t offer them food; don’t throw things at them nor abuse them in any sort of way; don't be an ass-hat to them, and they'll happily leave you alone.

They're likely more afraid of us than we are of them... if for no other reason than the average man weighing three times more than even the largest of coyotes. However, should you see one of these lanky pseudo-dogs while walking your pup, make sure to keep your four-legged best friend close, preferably on a leash, to your side. Coyotes have been known to prey on domestic cats and dogs.

Nevertheless, here are some social media-snapped shots of these metaphorical "mice" taking full advantage of us "[cats]" hiding-out indoors.

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