• California nurses staged a day of action today to protest the CDC's scaling back of protections for healthcare workers dealing with coronavirus patients. The CDC, for one thing, now says regular surgical masks are OK in the event of supply-chain disruptions with N95 masks. [CBS SF]
  • A "frightening" crash occurred on eastbound I-80 Wednesday afternoon between University Avenue and Gilman Street in Berkeley, leading to multiple lanes being blocked. CHP and paramedics were on the scene, and the crash involved a white Toyota SUV. [CBS SF]
  • SF's mandate on canceling large events means that BroadwaySF just canceled all performances of Hamilton and The Last Ship through March 25. Is actual Broadway in New York coming next? [Examiner]
  • Kaiser Permanente hospitals in San Francisco and elsewhere have set up a drive-thru tents for coronavirus testing, so patients don't have to come inside. The tests are still appointment-only and have to be doctor-ordered, but this method is being used in South Korea to prevent the spread of the virus. [Chronicle]
  • A CDC graphic is helping people decide whether they have allergies, a cold, the flu, or the coronavirus — and it starts with "Do you have a fever?" [SFGate]
  • Oakland has now banned 1,000+ person events at city-owned venues. [KRON4]
  • Coronavirus-related cancellations of games mean the possible end to the season for some SF high school basketball teams vying to make it to the state championships. [Examiner]
  • The Plumed Horse in Saratoga has moved half the tables out of its dining room so that customers can feel safer eating there, further away from other guests. [Eater]

Photo: Leo Korman