Biden’s Super Tuesday swing through Oakland featured “Sully” Sullenberger, an encounter with a sex toy purveyor, and a few protesting Democratic Socialists.

There are only four presidential candidates left in today’s quickly winnowed Super Tuesday race, and all but one of them ignored California today. Bernie Sanders is staying in his home state of Vermont for a rally tonight with the band Phish, Elizabeth Warren also remains in her home state of Massachusetts, and Mike Bloomberg is inexplicably in Florida, which does not vote for another two weeks. But as we informed you this morning, possibly resurgent septuagenarian Joe Biden came to Oakland’s Jack London Square, and we do now have some on-the-ground reports (tweets) from the proceedings.

Biden did indeed show up for his scheduled appearance, and KPIX reports he popped by the Buttercup Diner near Jack London Square. Vivian Ho of the Guardian adds that Contra Costa County “hero pilot” Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was on hand, along with Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf. She also confirms the above tweet that Biden met Feelmore Adult Gallery sex toy shop owner Nenna Joiner, and when informed what she does for a living, declared “I gotta come by!”

According to Vivian Ho’s report from shortly before noon, “Joe Biden ordered a slice of coconut cream pie from Buttercup Diner. It was $6.50. He paid in cash. It is unclear if he has taken a bite yet.”

There had been speculation that Senator Kamala Harris was going to show up and endorse Biden, a la her centrist type ex-candidates Pete Buttegeig and Amy Klobuchar, but that speculation did not pan out, and Harris was not seen or heard from in Oakland today.

The Bernie stans did not take the appearance laying down, though, and East Bay DSA was on hand with a modest protest.

The first batch of 4 p.m. PT Super Tuesday elections results are beginning to roll in, for those of you who wish to nerd out to cable news for the evening. But as the LA Times reminds us, we may not know the results of the California Presidential Primary tonight thanks to mail-in ballots an an incredibly complicated process.

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Top image: @FeelmoreAdult via Twitter