• Before doing meet-and-greet events in SoCal and Oklahoma, Joe Biden is attending a campaign event in Oakland this morning. He'll be at the Z Hotel Jack London for a 10:30 a.m. rally and meet-and-greet. [KRON4]
  • Former SF Mayor Willie Brown was out telling TV reporters that Biden hasn't done enough campaigning in the Bay Area. It's "to his detriment," Brown says, though Willie voted for Bloomberg. [ABC 7]
  • It's primary day in California and for the first time in forever this state's votes will have an actual impact on a presidential primary so get out there and find your polling your place and don't skip this one.
  • And, it's true, we likely won't have definitive results from California for a couple of days — that's because mail-in ballots are being accepted through Friday. [New York Times]
  • Church communities in San Francisco are considering converting about 800 under-utilized properties into affordable housing. [CBS SF]
  • Another reason to never take a cruise: 4,500 passengers on board on cruise were given refunds after two people became sick with the flu, the ship was denied entry at two ports of call over coronavirus fears, and then fights broke out between passengers and staff on board. [ABC 7]
  • San Jose detectives were digging up a parking lot behind a shopping center in Los Gatos in connection with an unnamed cold case. [Chronicle]
  • Apple has agreed to pay out about $25 per customer in a class-action suit related to iPhones that were purposely slowed by operating software in order to conserve battery life. [CNN]

Photo: Francisco Delgado