• The suspected driver in a hit-and-run in the Upper Haight Monday night, after running over and injuring two homeless people, is believed to have then rammed a police cruiser on Twin Peaks. Police say the driver had been yelling threats against homeless people. [ABC 7]
  • With only five days left in the month, SF has not seen a drop of rain all February. As discussed earlier in the month, this would make it would be our first February without rain since 1864. [National Weather Service]
  • Resigned and disgraced DPW director Mohammed Nuru is spilling the beans — about something — to the city attorney. Likely in hopes of lightening his sentence or holding onto his pension, Nuru is cooperating with City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s investigation, and according to a source, “spent two days telling all.” [Chronicle]
  • Recently fired Oakland Police chief Anne Kirkpatrick is giving her first interviews since being dismissed, and she's pretty pissed. “I'm not from Oakland. I think that is very important to them. And I'm not a person of color. And I think that has been very important to them." [NBC Bay Area / Chronicle]
  • Federal dam regulators are ordering that Anderson Reservoir in the South Bay be drained out of earthquake safety concerns. [ABC 7]
  • In a phenomenal display of incompetence, Trump’s Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security cannot figure out whether coronavirus information is behind a firewall, and apparently his $50-billion-a-year department cannot afford a subscription. [Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli via Twitter]

Image: Adam S. via Yelp