In a new promotion now that Hamilton has been playing in SF on and off for something like five years (who's counting?), the producers are offering up all the tickets for the March 3 show to a lottery for just $10 a pop.

Yes, even though regularly priced tickets can go well above the $100 mark for decent seats, all the seats for the 7 p.m. performance on Sunday, March 3 will be $10 — you just have to enter the lottery on the Hamilton app before 8 p.m. on Friday, February 28. Do not throw away your shot!

But seriously, Hamilton extended its San Francisco run an extra 21 weeks as of November, so it is now running through May 31 — and the end of the run must be far from sold out. That makes sense given that the Bay Area only has so many musical theater nerds and casual fans, and this tour has been running continuously at the Orpheum since February 2019 after doing an initial six-month run with the first national tour in 2017. Has everybody seen it who wants to see it? Or are the remaining Hamilton fans out there stymied by the ticket prices?

There is a lottery, as you should know, that runs daily with a limited number of $10 tickets — you just have to enter two days ahead. And this latest promotion may be one to get more people downloading the app and/or buying regularly priced tickets, because it looks like the show will almost definitely close as planned on May 31.

Meanwhile, Broadway SF (the org formerly known as SHN) has brought Sting to town, and he's starring in the musical he wrote, The Last Ship, is officially opening on Tuesday. (Look for the review on SFist next week.)