A trio of suspects, one armed with a handgun, allegedly attempted three separate carjackings in and around SoMa, all within an hour on Thursday morning.

The first incident occurred around 2:30 a.m., when the three male suspects surrounded an Uber driver's car on Harrison Street at Ninth. As the driver, who gave his name as Frank, tells KTVU, "One got in the backseat. One was trying to get in the driver’s seat with a gun pointing it at me. I just kept whacking at the barrel and not letting him. He tried to yank me out. I just kept fighting him the whole time." The driver was able to fend the trio off, get back in his own car, and call police, who were reportedly in the area.

But first, he had to get one of the attempted thieves out of his backseat. As Frank tells ABC 7, "I just kept fighting him the whole time and then finally I got back into the car. He almost had me out and I jumped back in and I started to make the turn. I realized there's a person still in my car and I told him, 'get out,'"

A second attempted carjacking, also apparently by the same trio as KRON 4 reports, happened five minutes later on the 300 block of Harrison Street, between Beale and Fremont.

Then the three suspects tried one last time, about an hour later, at Mission and Duboce. (They seem to have been targeting off-ramps?)

Police are investigating but say that none of the victims had any relation to each other. And, thankfully, no one was injured.