Hours after the Giants told Aubrey Huff he would not be welcome at their 2010 team reunion, Huff doubled down on assholery and got yanked off the air in a local sports radio interview.  

The 2010 SF Giants team that won the World Series was full of misfit characters, like stoner Tim Lincecum, beard bear Brian Wilson, and portly panda Pablo Sandoval. And who could forget the creator of the "rally thong" Aubrey Huff who took to wearing a red women’s thong with rhinestones reading “PAPI” that served as the team’s superstitious lucky charm that magical season. But Huff has taken a Trumper heel-turn since retiring after the 2012 season, and his toxic tweets have become too much for the team. The Chronicle reports that Huff was just disinvited from a 10-year reunion ceremony that the team will be holding later this season.

“Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization,” the team said in a statement. “While we appreciate the many contributions that Aubrey made to the 2010 championship season, we stand by our decision.” Huff’s huffy response can also be seen above.

There’s all manner of horribleness still on Huff’s Twitter, which hit a boil in January, at the peak of the Iran tensions, when he declared of Iranian women, “Let’s get a flight over and kidnap about 10 each. We can bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things.” (That has since been deleted, as referenced above with the tried-and-true “Never said rape!” defense.) He’s been enormously critical of female coaching hires by the 49ers and Giants organizations, and will occasionally respond to a tweet by calling a woman “sweet tits.”

“The issue is that Huff is using a public platform for views that may be tolerated inside the closed loop of a locker room but that test the limits of human decency when it escapes those boundaries,” as Chronicle sports writer Ann Killion saus in an op-ed. “The issue is that he thinks that spewing hate out into society via a digital microphone is acceptable."

Huff has not taken the news well. His appearance this morning on 95.7 The Game was cut off short by hosts “ Joe, Lo & Dibs,” when he went more berserk than unusual on the female assistant coaching issue. (around the 7:50 mark.) “There’s so many more people, especially men who grind it out who deserve that spot more than she does. But I also don’t believe that men belong in women’s college sports or sports in general, either. Why would they want to be? I wouldn’t want to coach women in sports. Women are tough enough to deal with anyway.”

Just the latest example of how the thong has gone wrong.

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Image: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons