We got a glimpse of the minor-league version of this quirky ballpark freebie back in November, but today the San Francisco Giants have revealed their updated, very orange take on the giveaway item. As previously mentioned, the first 20,000 lucky fans through the gates at AT&T Park on May 20th, 2012 will get to take home this bearded tchotchke, which they can then place lovingly in a garden, or on a shelf, or in an overpriced eBay listing.

As predicted, in addition to the uniform update, it looks like Lil' Wilson got a much more scraggly beard to go with the look he's currently sporting. And the bat that he was inexplicably holding has been replaced with a much more closer-appropriate baseball mitt. Eager collectors should clearly pick up tickets for the interleague game against the Oakland A's as soon as soon as they go on sale.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, "Gnome" is currently trending in San Francisco:

Via: S.F. Giants on Facebook. Hat tip: Giants diehard Sally