After 27 years in the Mission District, Katz Bagels is calling it quits. Owner Michael Katz posted a note on the shop door saying that the last bagels will be shmeared and sold on March 24.

The bagel shop with the winged bagel over its door dates way back to 1993, when the Mission was a much different place. As Mission Local reports, Katz became a reliable breakfast spot for many, also serving New York-style egg-and-cheese sandwiches in addition to bagels. And after dabbling a bit in pizza about a decade ago, it returned to just serving bagels.

Katz thanked his father, Burt Katz, who actually opened the shop and whose artwork lately lined its walls. And he said, "While recent times have been challenging, we can only be grateful for all the support we have received through the years."

It's unclear what ultimately did the place in, but Mission Local notes the rising cost of wheat had hurt Katz's wholesale business, and a Health Department shutdown last summer couldn't have helped.

So get on over to Katz to say goodbye. You've got just over a month.

Photo: Ann S./Yelp