Woodrow Wilson is taken to the woodshed, as his namesake school in Richmond will become Michelle Obama Elementary School, and you know they’re going to serve healthy school lunches there.

You are likely not familiar with Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Richmond, a roughly 100-year-old facility currently being renovated. But that 430-student school is set to become a Bay Area darling, as ABC 7 reports it will be renamed Michelle Obama Elementary School when it reopens this fall, in honor of the former First Lady known for her advocacy of healthy eating and the rights of girls in developing nations.

“Naming this school after Michelle Obama is a sign of the school's rebirth,” West Contra Costa Unified School District board president Stephanie Hernandez-Jarvis said in a release after the unanimous vote. “We can see the new physical structure being built, but this name change sets high expectations for the students and staff as they enter a new era for this school and this school community. The parents and students advocated to rename their school after Michelle Obama because they believe the values our former First Lady embodies.”

There’s already one Michelle Obama Elementary School in southern California’s Panorama City. As the Chronicle informs us, the Richmond school is currently being renovated, and temporarily has its campus in El Cerrito. The renaming will coincide with the reopening of the school scheduled for August 17, 2020.

Parent Teacher Association president Maisha Cole, who came up with the idea, hopes Obama can be there for the opening. "She has to come!,” Cole told KGO. “Any way we can get here out here. I mean I am putting out all the positive energy in the universe to get her out here." Of course, Michelle Obama generally charges $200,000 for a speech according to Axios, but I imagine exceptions are made for things like school naming ceremonies.

At current, the Wilson Elementary's website, Twitter account, and Facebook account still retain the Wilson name. We imagine they’ll go high when the school year begins.

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Image: Official White House photo via Wikimedia Commons