Currently, the median price for a house in the United States sits at $200,000. Half that amount, however, could secure you a conveniently located, covered parking spot in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood.

A reported ABC7, Bill Williams with Compass Real Estate has posted the most unusual — and, consequently, sobering — "property" listings to grace the internet in some time: The chance to purchase a $100K parking spot in one of SF's most fancied neighborhoods.

"[The parking spot is] one block from the ballpark and one block from the Embarcadero, so it's not only a good place to park your car, and to park your money," said Williams to the news outlet. Apparently, his phone has been animated with bewildered possible buyers, believing the posting was for an inhabitable abode inside the Townsend building— not just a place to pull your automobile’s e-brake.

"I had a picture of it and everything and my phone was ringing off the hook," he adds. "Because people thought [$100,000] for property in San Francisco they were clamoring for that."

Nevertheless, that hasn't dissuaded someone from seeking the spot. Williams says the real estate firm he represents was given a verbal offer for $90K — though, his clients decided to pass on it. But given the "unique" nature of the garaged location, perhaps another offer could come Williamses' way.

"The thing that makes it so unique is that you don't have to live in the building to use it," he adds, talking to ABC7's Luz Pena. "So, somebody might just want to have their private parking for when they go to the ballpark or to park their antique car."

For comparison: The 24-hour valeted parking fee at Lumina Luxury Apartments, which is located in the same neighborhood as Williamses' listing, is $28 according to SpotHero. Alas, that same $100K — and we imagine that's a low-ball final estimate, absent of any real estate agent fees — would allow you to park there at least 3,571 before breaking even.

Or, you know, you could park along nearby Bryant Street ... for free.

The buyer of the spot will also be responsible for paying the monthly $28 HOA fee and any relevant property taxes.

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