There are a lot of reasons the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency says they remove parking places in San Francisco, from efforts to improve pedestrian visibility at dangerous intersections to parklets to "part-time bus zones for [SF's] 30 privately run bus services," the Chron reports. All this adds up to a situation where there are more cars driving around SF than there are public places to stop them. Let's take a look at the numbers.

  • 280,000: The number of on-street parking spaces in SF
  • 155,000: The number of parking spaces in SF's open-to-the-public parking lots and garages
  • 51: The number of parklets installed across SF
  • 102: The number of parking spaces those parklets have taken out of commission
  • 24: The number of additional parklets up for approval at SF's Planning Commission
  • Infinite: The number of parklets currently allowed in SF
  • 4: The number of parking spaces SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose says must be removed to "daylight" ("a pedestrian safety program that takes out the parking spaces closest to busy intersections") a single intersection
  • 180: The number of parking spaces removed in downtown SF last year
  • 591: The number of spaces slated to be taken out of commission across SF in 2015
  • 719: The number of spaces that will be removed from Second, Fulton, Mission, Masonic and Polk streets over the next two years
  • 105: The number of parking spaces that will disappear from Van Ness Avenue in the next three years
  • 1,595: The total number of parking spaces currently scheduled for removal in SF (with "more to come")
  • 435,000: The total number of public parking spaces in SF
  • 500,000: The number of cars traveling within SF every day

All facts and figures: Transit, cycling, parklets rapidly eating up S.F. parking spaces, SF Chronicle, May 31, 2015