In case the word hasn't gotten out far and wide enough, I'm just going to say it again here: Do not drive to games and concerts at the Chase Center.

Among the important details that anyone wanting to drive to the arena should know are that a) almost none of the spaces in the 900-space garage attached to the Chase Center will be available to the public, and b) the 800-space UCSF garage across the street will be off-limits as well. As the Examiner reports, three days before the grand opening Metallica show, the Chase Center garage will be reserved primarily for Warriors players, their support staff, and a handful of high-end season ticket holders.

Some of those season tickets, FYI, come with suites and will run you untold thousands of dollars.

A certain segment of unknowing concertgoers and those afraid of public transit will inevitably take rideshare vehicles into the neighborhood, which will create traffic of their own. UCSF Medical Center already has a web calendar and alert system for use by its staff and patients showing what nights may feature terrible traffic in the area.

The city and the Warriors have been trying to get everyone on board with taking Muni, and the SFMTA is even offering free Muni rides all day simply with proof of purchase of a Chase Center event ticket.

The open question remains: Can Muni handle all those people pouring out of an 18,000-seat arena all at once. Area residents question how it will be possible, given, as one woman tells the Examiner, T-Third service is consistently "terrible at night after a game," and she's talking about Giants games. There will be times, particularly in the spring, when both the Warriors and the Giants will be in town playing home games on the same night.

What could go wrong? It's just Muni we're talk about.

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