In case this really needed clarification, former SF Mayor Willie Brown has it some authority that planning is underway for a possible 49ers victory parade in San Francisco — not in Santa Clara where, technically, the team actually plays these days.

Brown tells the Chronicle that he's been privy to "positive discussions" about holding a parade "right here in our town," though he says there are still questions about how to pay for it. (It would likely get split between the 49ers management and the city.) The paper also cites an anonymous source who confirmed that parade is being talked about for February 5, if the Niners do take the trophy on February 2.

As the Chronicle's Ann Killion recently wrote, a parade down Market Street like the Giants have had three times and the Niners have had five times is "like God intended." She recalls the first big victory parade for the Niners after their 1982 Super Bowl win, when crowds overwhelmed downtown and "fans climbed Muni buses and Market was so mobbed that police diverted the action to Howard Street."

And apart from the obvious fact that the team is still called the San Francisco 49ers despite moving to the South Bay a few years back, Brown points out that the Niners' management would probably rather gouge out their eyes than negotiate with the City of Santa Clara, with whom they've already had quite a "contentious and sometimes litigious relationship" in just a short amount of time after the opening of Levi's Stadium. (The last notable dustup being the Rolling Stones concert last summer, after which the Stones promised never to play the stadium again after "myriad and random rule changes" by the city.)

Brown got in one last dig, per the Chron: "And besides that, there’s no way you can have a parade in Santa Clara. What do they have, one shopping mall?"