It may not be a local story, but the fact the Saturday Night Live is going to have its first ever drag queen host next month seems like something half to three quarters of the Bay Area should care about.

Yes, the great and powerful Rupaul will be hosting SNL on February 8, with musical guest Justin Bieber. The show tweeted the news Tuesday night, and it is subsequently making the rounds across the LGBTQ interwebs.

Mama Ru retweeted the news without any comment, only mentioning this morning that she DJ'd twice at DragCon London, apparently referring to the photo attached to the link below.

Rupaul has of course been instrumental in bringing drag into the mainstream, which for some is a wonderful step forward in LGBTQ acceptance, and for others is a steady dumbing-down of an artform that they love. Rupaul's Drag Race has become a national phenomenon, and Ru's SNL appearance seems to be tied to the Season 12 premiere, which is likely to be in late February — though no firm date has been released. Also, Rupaul stars in the new (kind of awkward) Netflix series AJ and the Queen, which just dropped this month.

As local queen Peaches Christ said of DragCon, speaking to SFist last year, "If you had told me ten years ago, 'Oh someday there's going to be a giant drag convention,' I just wouldn't have believed it. The power of the popularity of that show has been just unreal."

But another local queen, Heklina, was a little less diplomatic in saying, "I'm kind of just holding my breath and waiting for the show to go away."

Anyway, congrats Ru! And prepare for much of gay San Francisco to be hosting viewing parties for her SNL appearance.

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Still via World of Wonder/Instagram