Police insist that a man with multiple rape charges who’s legally changed his name to ‘Pirate’ is “not currently wanted for any crimes,” but this has done little to soothe nerves in Shasta County.

You probably would not forget the face seen in the below photo, even if you didn’t know he was previously convicted of assault and has been charged in several cases involving the kidnapping and abuse of women in three states. The northern California town of Redding certainly remembers the 2004 assault he committed there — as the Redding Record Searchlight explains, he was charged with rape in the case but was ultimately convicted only of assault with a deadly weapon after the rape charge got dropped — since which time he has received a conspicuous face tattoo and changed his name to “Pirate.” As the Bay Area News Group reports, Redding is quite on edge upon learning of his return, which has authorities trying to calm everyone down.

The Redding Police Department stresses that Pirate (real name Daniel Selovich) is no longer wanted for any crimes, and is free to live there. “He has a substantial criminal history and at this point he has paid his debt for what he's been convicted of,” Sgt. Todd Cogle told KRCR. "I live here and I have loved ones here as well. I know it's worrying to know that he is on the streets but he is a free man. You have to treat him like every other man you see on the street."

Pirate technically only has two convictions on charges other than rape, but he was also charged with a five-week kidnapping and sexual assault ordeal in Alaska that would end up being dismissed. He was (eventually) found guilty in the 2004 attack on a mentally and physically disabled woman in Las Vegas, and according to a separate KRCR report, another 2004 rape under a bridge in Redding. He bolted for New Mexico, but was found in 2010 and served four years for the Redding assault.

The Alaska story is the ugliest, not that they need to be ranked. He moved to Alaska in 2015 after serving his sentence, where he allegedly kidnapped a woman and kept her captive for five weeks, allegedly beating her, sexually assaulting her, and duct-taping her to his person at night to prevent her escape. She did manage to call for help and was rescued, but heartbreakingly, died of reported natural causes shortly before the trial. Charges in the case were then dropped. But there was some degree of justice, because DNA from that case led to his conviction for the Las Vegas case a decade prior — though he took a plea for the lesser charge of sexually motivated coercion, per the Record Searchlight. He was extradited to Nevada and served another four years there.

After his release, he returned to Alaska late last year, where the blogs hounded him and neighbors posted their interactions with him to social media to warn other residents last month. Clearly unwelcome, he's moved back to Redding as of this month, where police say he is essentially homeless.

It may help your peace of mind that Redding is 217 miles from San Francisco, and a roughly four-hour car drive.

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Image: Redding Police Department

*This story has been corrected to show that Pirate has not technically been convicted of rape, but has been charged with the crime multiple times and has been convicted on lesser charges.