In a foolish move the likes of which we've come to expect from the Trump administration, Vice President Mike Pence predicted that the Green Bay Packers would beat "Nancy Pelosi's 49ers" during a rally in Milwaukee last week. Now Packers fans, feeling burned and deflated, are blaming Pence on Twitter for jinxing the team.

Sunday night marked the third time in six years that the Packers' were vying for the NFC Championship title and a spot in the Super Bowl. And the last thing they needed was a Colts fan fishing for cheap applause at a Wisconsin Republican rally and bringing bad juju unto quarterback Aaron Rogers and his team.

The 49ers trounced the Packers 34-20, going into the second half with a score of 27-0, and the defeat sent loyal fans searching for answers and some kind of consolation. As the HuffPo notes, they're venting, loudly, on Twitter.

Pence, you have been blamed. And please note that while she, like any other San Franciscan, counts herself a Niners fan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no ownership stake in the 49ers, and your invocation of her name for political cheers, in the context of a football contest, is moronic.

Meanwhile, Pelosi was back in the Bay over the weekend, and she made an appearance at a Democratic Party event in the Presidio on Sunday. As KPIX reports, she spoke about the upcoming Senate trial of President Trump, and said, "He’s never going to be exonerated. What’s going to happen is that the Senate is going to incriminate itself if they say we don’t want to hear from witnesses and we’re going to ignore the truth. We have to have in our government and in everything we do–transparency and accountability.” She added, “As I have said to the President, you are impeached forever.”

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