It's been a rough few years to be a 49ers fan, but for the faithful — and for all the bandwagon-ers who like to join in the fun when the local team is winning — the last two January weekends have been full of beer, cheering crowds, and happy times.

The Niners sailed into the Super Bowl with Sunday's trouncing of the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, the second seemingly easy playoff win for this team that has been nearly impossible throughout the 2019 season. An early touchdown brought the game to 7-0 as the second quarter began, and the 49ers went on to score 27 points in the first half — with three touchdowns of a total four in the game scored by Raheem Mostert, which has led some to call this The Raheem Mostert Game. (See the full highlight reel here.)

The Packers tried to get something going in the second half, but with a 27-point lead, the 49ers handily finished with 34 points, and the Packers with 20.

The ease of the win recalled the previous weekend's win against the Minnesota Vikings, and in the locker room after, head coach Kyle Shanahan told the team, "That was as cool of a game as I've ever been a part of."

As the Associated Press notes, this is only the third time in NFL history that a team that one four or fewer games in the previous season has gone on to a Super Bowl in the next one.

This is the 49ers' first time in a Super Bowl since the 2012/2013 season, and only the 7th time the franchise has made it this far — and five of those times the team took home the ultimate trophy. The Niners have not won a Super Bowl in 25 years, since 1995, a win that capped off over a decade of domination by a team that cultivated a rabid, loyal fan base around the Bay.

Fans across the Bay were walking on sunshine despite some chilly weather Sunday evening, as watch parties and sports bar crowds spilled out onto streets in San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond.

As KRON 4 reports, there is a rush on 49ers fan gear that began on Sunday, with fans buying up whatever they can find in preparation for the Big Game on February 2. Go get yours! Or just wait until the knockoff merch goes on sale under a tent on your nearest downtown corner.

As for the Jimmy Garoppolo t-shirt that George Kittle was wearing over his gear to the press conference Sunday night, you can hear him sort of explain that here, and below. It seems like an inside joke that he's not fully explaining.