A 2-year-old male koala has arrived at the San Francisco Zoo from Los Angeles, and the local zoological institution is holding a contest as to what to name him.

KTVU reported the news that a koala, previously known as Flin, would be up for renaming, per the zoo's senior tradition. How do you put a suggestion in the proverbial hat, you ask? Easy: Make a donation to the San Francisco Zoo, which will go toward safeguarding Australian wildlife.

Participants will choose a donation amount, click β€œPrint a special name,” and enter their name choice for the adorable marsupial. Being that this is 2020, the process is conducted online; visit the zoo's website here for more details. As of now, 32 donations β€” and, thus, name suggestions β€” have been given.

The contest as to what the name of the newest member of Koala Crossing ends on January 31st, and a winner will be selected in February. Again, all proceeds raised will be sent to an emergency wildlife fund organized by Australia's Zoos Victoria.

The island continent is experiencing its worst wildfire season in recorded history. According to BBC News, the blaze has left over 12 million acres charred and claimed a billion β€” yes: one-billion β€” animal lives; 24 people have also perished in the fires, as well.

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