In a revolving carousel of quandaries, the owner of a vacant West Oakland home that was squatted by two mothers last month wants them out — so they can use the property to accommodate disadvantaged youth.

As reported by SFGate, the real estate property company that owns the 2928 Magnolia Street house in Oakland, Wedgewood LLC, served the Moms 4 Housing, a coalition of East Bay moms who are making a stand for affordable and accessible shelter, an eviction notice earlier this month. They promptly (and firmly) rejected it; they still have a court date on the 26th, nevertheless. But now Wedgewood wants them out ... in order to help at-risk Oakland residents find their footings.

The Southern California real estate company has partnered with the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Shelter 37, hoping to transform the home into a place where East Bay juvenility and in-need individuals can seek out job training and employment opportunities. It’ll double as a youth center; the home, itself, might one day be offered to someone who benefited from those programs.

"I encourage Mothers 4 Housing to voluntarily leave the property as quickly as possible so that we can train disadvantaged Oakland youths, give them jobs and teach them skills.,” says Shelter 37 founder James Washington, a former pro football player turned philanthropic activists, said in a statement published by the media outlet. "We all feel for these individuals and the hardships they are facing, but no one can condone theft," he added.

The partnership between Shelter 37 and Wedgewood is seasoned, Washington saying that the long-standing relationship between the shelter and Wedgewood’s chief executive Greg Geiser "allows [Shelter 37] to share in the profits when the home is sold, so we can use the funds to continue to help at-risk youth."

Washington has gone on record saying that Shelter 37 will offer free transportation of the women's belongings to another location.

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Image: Twitter via @moms4housing