With 34 beers on tap and various cold brew coffees available — all poured inside a chromatic, hallucinatory wonderland of quirky decor and knick-knack embellishments — Modern Times Beer’s new Oakland taproom is a sight to behold, one where you can quench both your caffeine and alcoholic thirsts from, no less.

Modern Times Beer made their first beer just a mere six years ago and, since that time, has experienced a dizzying amount of growth. In fact, circa 2017, they became California’s very first employee-owned brewery, with now seven locations under their name. Their newest? The House of Pereputan Refreshment, a lively bastion for craft brews and ice-cold coffees, off 2410 Valdez Street near Lake Merritt.

*They've since opened, just days before Christmas

(We can’t help but think that San Francisco's The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence offered some semblance of inspiration in naming their brand-new taproom.)

“[House of Perpetual Refreshment’s] focal point becomes the maximal use of color, rather than one single piece," says Amy Krone — Modern Times Beer's director of arts and crafts, who has her hand in each of the company's out-of-this-world locations — to Alyssa Pereira of SFGate; their Oakland perch hopes to be a "psychedelic color party," she adds.

While we've yet to set foot in the space, a combing of Instagram and Facebook reveales the location is a true playground for the senses: there's no shortage of geometric anomalies to either sit atop of or rest a brewski on, a kaleidoscope of color schemes canvas the place from floor to ceiling, a beer fridge stocked with a rainbow medley of can designs is situated inside their “mini-mart,” galaxies of paper honeycombed spheres dot the shelves, and oh so much more.

Aside from foam-heading beers, this branch of Modern Times Beer will offer to-go brews, in addition to an assortment of cold brew coffees, bags of roasted coffee beans, and various kinds of glassware and merchandise. Expect an assortment of cheeky gifts with a bit of Yuletide flare, should you stop in before Christmas.

"Our Oakland homies can expect to be getting the same dazzling array of beers that our other locations enjoy, plus a few surprises here and there," said Dan Reed, a spokesperson for the company, to Periera.

However, don't expect food at this location. But, just like children under thirteen, outside food is welcomed; you'll have to leave dogs and "miniature horses, llamas, or other pets" at home though, per the company’s website.

Along with their “crowler fills,” they'll also happily fill 32oz and 64oz growlers, should you wish to bring your own and not dirty one of their dishes.

Can't make it the East Bay watering hole? Check out where you can pick up their seasonal beer offerings at a few Bay Area shops, here. Feel free to order miscellaneous items and "swag" online … because, oh, the internet.

*House of Perpetual Refreshment is open Monday through Sunday, opening at 11 a.m. on the weekends and noon during the week, and welcoming patrons till 10 p.m. (midnight on Fridays) at 2410 Valdez Street in Oakland; visit moderntimesbeer.com/tasting-room/oakland for more information and inquiries

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Image: Twitter via @ModernTimesBeer