A San Francisco woman has hired a pilot to fly a banner, launched a website, posted on Tinder, offered a $5,000 reward, and handed out over 3,000 flyers in an attempt to find her dog, Jackson.

Jackson was stolen from outside Good Life grocery store on Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights on Saturday morning, December 14. As ABC 7 reports, there is surveillance footage that shows an African American man in a hooded coat approaching the bench where Jackson was tied up. "It was five minutes and when I came outside he was gone," says Jackson's human, Emilie Talermo, who's had her dog for five years.

Talermo tells KRON4 that she "sprinted up and down the streets screaming his name in pure panic" after the dog's disappearance. Jackson is a miniature Australian shepherd with a white, black, and gray coat and bright blue eyes.

Talermo has launched a website, www.bringjacksonhome.com, where she's offering a $5,000 cash reward, "no questions asked," and where there's a downloadable flyer. She's also launched a GoFundMe to help pay for all this, where she's already raised $7,170 — she says that after the goal of $7,000 is reached, she'll donate anything extra to Rocket Dog Rescue.

The plane flying the banner wasn't able to take off Wednesday due to weather, so you may see it flying over SF today. That cost Talermo $1,200, and she says, "I’ll do anything for my dog." Something tells me Talermo might work in marketing.

As she tells ABC 7, she also put a photo of Jackson up on Tinder with information about the reward, giving him the age of 49. "He's actually just five, but I know that a five-year-old couldn't be on Tinder."

If you have information about the dog's whereabouts, you can call 307-413-7566.