With the help of a pilfered package of Quilted Northern toilet paper, a man was caught in the act of pooping — and wiping — in an aisle of the Marina Safeway over the weekend. The photo has gone viral on Twitter and sparked a whole lot of smug retorts from Republicans about San Francisco going to hell because of its progressive politics.

KRON4 first reported on the incident and got the photos from a local resident who only gave a first name, Mike. There are three photos in total, including one that shows the toilet paper 12-pack. The dude just popped a squat in what may be the cleaners and detergents aisle. Mike says he saw the man leave the store and head to Starbucks — maybe to wash his hands?

What's ensued is a fresh round of hating on San Francisco on social media and Fox News, naturally.

"Vote Democrat and this is the shit you get!" writes one Twitterer.

And of course there have been a lot of "Cleanup on Aisle 10" jokes.

KRON 4 also quotes Supervisor Matt Haney as calling the city's poop problem a "national embarrassment" last month. But clearly when you photograph it happening live in a Safeway, it gets a little more disgusting/embarrassing.

Image via KRON4/Twitter