The iOS version version of the new Craigslist app shot to No. 10 in the App Store shopping category less than 48 hours after its launch, while the Android version is still in beta and requires you to 'Become a Tester.'

We at SFist have always enjoyed Craigslist as sort of a funhouse mirror version of San Francisco, a place where people seek such strangeness as dom-sub living arrangements, Pokémon Go bodyguards, or people with whom to conceive babies during lunar eclipses. But in reality since its 1995 founding, SF-based Craigslist has generally been a fabulous convenience and one of the tech’s rare ethical disruptors. While it may have killed off legacy business verticals like print classified advertising and Rent Tech, the site’s founder Craig Newmark has always been generous to nonprofits, and the Craiglist Foundation (now LikeMinded) continues fundraising for worthy causes. Yet surprisingly, Craigslist has never had an official app in the smartphone era, creating a 'missed connection' that huckster devs have taken advantage of with copycat ripoffs or Craigslist scraping apps.

Effective yesterday, Craigslist has launched their app, according to Gizmodo. As 9to5 Mac notes, this development arrives 11 years into the App Store’s existence. The iOS Craigslist app is official, whereas the Android version is in Beta and invites you “to a testing program for an unreleased version of the craigslist app.”

In true Craigslist fashion, the app is visually simple and massively easy to use. The app does request your location on set-up, but if you want to avoid location-tracking, you can just enter your zip code. As TechCrunch also notes, you still get full functionality without creating an account, letting you just cruise the posts anonymously.

As of press time, the app already ranks at No. 10 in the iOS App Store Shopping category. But expect that ranking to rise. Just four hours ago, Gizmodo reported reported it was at No. 14 in that same category. The design is apparently a hit, with an average 4.6 out of 5 rating from 79 reviews.

Craigslist has come a long way since it’s old-time mid-1990s email listserv roots. It’s lost some of its most entertaining features like Erotic Services, Casual Encounters, and Strictly Platonic, but Craigslist’s refreshing stubbornness to evolve seems to remain intact in the new app version.  

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Images: Craigslist app for iOS