Putting the "sub" in "sublet," a man recently posted to Craigslist about an "ideal living situation for [a] dominant, open-minded/selfish str8 guy!"

Sure, in this market, $650 a month for a room in San Francisco is pretty ideal. And if you're "a real man's man," a "straight white guy (18-33)" who "hates doing house cleaning and other things he doesn't have time to do," the deal keeps getting sweeter.

But there is a catch that could turn creepy or at least occasionally awkward. In this "legit, but somewhat unique, living situation" you'll be the "'man of the house'" giving orders to your "personal *bitch*." Other perks include "no annoying stairs to climb" and a "sunny" apartment with "easy access to bars... near public transit and lots of retail places and eateries."

If you keep up with Craigslist you might suspect to find half a dozen fetish dungeons on your block alone. Ads like this, whether they be m4m, m4w, or tucked into the apartment shares are a dime a dozen in the Bay Area. And surely there are stranger fetish-y housing arrangements than this one out there. As the author himself notes: "No need to be weirded out, this can be a really fun, and helpful, living experience for you in a city where things aren't exactly 100% normal or mainstream, right?"

The post has been "flagged for removal," so these are just screenshots. But if you have a tight budget and a high tolerance for creepy gay men fawning over you, keep checking Craigslist because I've seen this posted and deleted a couple times in the last couple days.

And good luck explaining this to mom, if she ever visits.