Eager to hop off life's treadmill and go play on the playa, one Craigslister has been hoping to trade in his literal treadmill — an expensive one! — for a ticket to Burning Man. Bartering, after all, is very much the ethos, no?

But lingering for nearly a week on the site and spotted by an SFist tipster, the proposed trade might not have been too enticing. After all, you could probably sell your BM ticket for cash and get another, perhaps nicer piece of exercise equipment than this one.

Furthermore, the festivities in the Black Rock desert kicked off yesterday with dust (and some sage advice from Burner bro Susan Sarandon). This is cutting it close by now. Perhaps throw in a few barbells or an exercise mat to sweeten the deal?

SFist has reached out regarding the deal and will report back. One other strange detail, however, seems worth noting. If injury has prevented the Craigslister from using his treadmill at all — even walking on it? — how do they plan on navigating the shifting sands of Burning Man? Perhaps via an art car?

Though the Craigslister confirmed to SFist that there haven't been any offers (yet), it's still #playaorbust. There's still hope, they say.

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