Our very first winter storm may be arriving in the middle of next week, just in time to mess up Thanksgiving travel, and it may feature thunder, hail, and even some snow.

ABC 7 meteorologist Mike Nicco might have jumped the gun when he predicted possible rain for today as of last week — though there was rain in San Jose last night, as well as some sprinkling across Sonoma and Marin. But now he's back with a medium-range forecast saying that some real rain will be dumping down starting late Tuesday into Wednesday, with scattered showers continuing into Thanksgiving.

"Thunderstorms are possible with gusty winds, even some small hail and some snow bumping into our mountains," Nicco says.

The radar image below shows a forecast for 4 p.m. Tuesday to 4 p.m. Thursday.

This could mean for dicey times at SFO on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wednesday often called the "busiest travel day of the year." The weather could also wreak havoc with the drive to Tahoe, or elsewhere.

But things could change with this forecast in the coming days.

Meanwhile, there was reportedly a lightning strike in the Santa Cruz Mountains Tuesday night as a strong storm cell passed through.