The "open air drug market" that the courtyard outside the Federal Building has become at 7th and Mission shouldn't just be the responsibility of local authorities, says District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney.

The rampant use and sale of drugs has spilled down Seventh Street from U.N. Plaza and the notorious corner of 7th and Market, and it's now going on daily in the trash-strewn open space outside the 12-year-old Federal Building. Haney announced this week that he was having a meeting with city department heads and federal officials.

Right next door to the Federal Building on Seventh Street, the nightclub Mr. Smith's recently shut down, with owner Max Young penning a letter to Haney complaining of "Rampant open air drug dealing and drug use has completely taken over my block," and employees quitting because they didn't like walking down the street at night.

In a statement issued last week, via a letter to city and federal officials, Haney wrote, "The current conditions at the Federal Plaza are unacceptable. The federal government and city departments must take urgent action to properly maintain safety, health and cleanliness of the Federal Plaza, as well as the surrounding area. As the owner of the property, the federal government has a responsibility to maintain it, and is falling far short."

He continued, "This is both a public safety and public health crisis. On any given evening, there are hundreds of people out on the plaza, many of whom are selling and using drugs and many with serious health needs."

Haney is calling on the federal government to pay for security personnel to patrol the plaza day and night.

A copy of the letter was addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has an office in the building. The letter was also sent to Mayor London Breed, U.S. Attorney David Anderson, Police Chief William Scott, Public Health Director Grant Colfax, Department of Homelessness Director Jeff Kositsky, and Director of Public Works Mohammad Nuru, as KPIX reports.

Neighbor Jan Weil tells NBC Bay Area this week, regarding the plaza, "People [are] overdosing, we’ve seen people die out there, we've seen people be revived. There’s an ambulance at least once a night taking someone away. It’s a terrifying experience, people from here have been assaulted."

Haney says he's hoping for "a coordinated response" from both the city and the feds.