Gwyneth Paltrow's kind of creepy, "aspirational" retail and content brand Goop is opening its fifth brick-and-mortar retail shop today on Fillmore Street — and no doubt some fans will be flocking there for curated displays of kitchenware and $200 tank tops.

The small new Goop Lab at 2121 Fillmore Street is now there to cater to fans of Paltrow's Goop magazine — San Francisco is said to be the brand's fourth largest market in terms of readership, as the Mercury News reports. But those fans had better be on the petite side, because apparently the largest women's clothing size on display in the store is a six.

"It’s possible the store had larger sizes in the back, but they weren’t on display," writes SFGate scribe Tess McLean. "This means any customer who wears larger sizes and plans to shop at Goop on Fillmore Street will have to flag down a salesperson to uncomfortably ask if they could fetch them each item."

Said clothing is aspirationally priced, too, with a black cardigan priced at $595, and dresses priced over $1,000.

As for the infamous jade vagina eggs, they're there. The stone eggs — which also come in rose quartz — make some spurious claims about women's health that prompted scathing media coverage. But none of that coverage, or the widespread online hate for Gwyneth and her brand, has hurt the company. As the New York Times Magazine reported last fall, the 11-year-old company is worth an estimated $250 million. The other retail stores are located in similarly tony locations like Bond Street in New York, London's Notting Hill, Brentwood in L.A., and Montecito in Santa Barbara County.

Also in stock at the SF store, as SFGate notes, are some cheeky gift products like "Psychic Vampire Repellent" and "Chill Child Kid Calming Mist." There's also something called "Anti-pollution Drops."

Go ahead and give Gwyneth some of your money, San Francisco! Or just put it in a pile and light it on fire.