Some damn fool — apparently a tourist — took an e-scooter onto the Bay Bridge to head eastward during the evening commute on Wednesday. And no, he was not hurt or killed so he now must be publicly shamed.

The scooter dude was spotted riding in the far right lane on the lower deck of the bridge by an Airbnb employee, who posted the sight on Twitter just before 6 p.m. on Wednesday. And, according to her, he used the carpool lane to get onto the bridge at 2nd and Bryant.

As you can see, a pickup truck carrying bicycles spotted the guy and decided to ride slowly behind him with hazard lights on, for safety.

The video has since been picked up by NBC Bay Area and SFGate — but KPIX has the scoop on the scooter dude himself, who actually got issued a citation by CHP officers who stopped him on Treasure Island. Reportedly, the guy was a tourist from the East Coast and was just trying to get to Oakland this way, because apparently he hadn't heard about BART?

Officers tell KPIX that no drugs or alcohol were involved, just "poor decision making." They told the guy not to get back on the bridge, but he was able to get all the way to Oakland using the bike path on the eastern span.

I would also like to point out that it has been a full year since South Park did their Halloween episode mocking the epidemic of e-scooters.