• Sliding glass doors could be coming to newer Muni buses, helping free up room for more riders. One bus that runs the 8-Quintara/24th Street route boasts an example of these slimmer entrance openings, part of a test run for Muni; without the inward-opening doors, the new bus entrances may launch as Muni starts to convert over to battery-only electric vehicles. [SF Examiner]
  • A San Jose police vehicle collided with a power pole early Friday, leaving 62 people without power along Alma Avenue. The police sergeant behind the wheel was not injured and, apparently, not under the influence of alcohol or impaired in any other way. [Mercury News]
  • A man was fatally early Saturday morning near the 500 block of South 10th Street in San Jose. Police responded to the scene around 2 a.m., transferring the unidentified victim to a nearby hospital where he later died. [KRON 4]
  • Students of the Dominican University of California are creating “portraits, banners and murals” to help boost 2020 Census counts. The university’s “Everyone Counts: Census 2020” campaign hopes to encourage young students and other underserved demographics that they matter... and to make sure they’re accounted for in the upcoming census. [Marin Independent Journal]
  • San Francisco police officers accused of assault. 31-year-old Spire Mathis was allegedly beaten by on-duty officers near Fisherman’s Wharf while on a date with his girlfriend; he was not arrested and the assault happened “for no reason,” according to his mother. [KTVU]
  • “Sway Fest’ was a celebrated success in Oakland yesterday, shining a bright light the city’s “cultural well.” [KTVU]
  • Tolls could soon come to Pal Alto's notoriously congested University Avenue in hopes of thwarting traffic. [NBC Bay Area]
  • As people continue to flee San Francisco’s high cost of living, is West Seattle the place to go? [USA Today]
  • These are the Bay Area locals fighting for Hong Kong’s future. [The Bold Italic]

Image: Flickr via torbakhopper