• The PG&E headquarters downtown had to put up security barricades, and a branch office got egged. Surely in response to the blackout blowback, the PG&E Building in downtown San Francisco required security barricades, and its Oroville branch office was egged. [@CKaftonKTVU]
  • The Mezzanine’s owner has filed for bankruptcy. Mezzanine owner Nightgallerie LLC filed for Chapter 11, but the landlord still won’t renew their lease that expires Thursday.  [Chronicle]
  • A 60-unit, market-rate development at 14th Street was approved, despite community opposition. After a nasty, five-year fight, MX3 Ventures gets their seven-story development at 344 14th Street. [MissionLocal]
  • Sup. Gordon Mar wants a ballot measure to prevent the mayor from pulling a Loftus and installing candidates within 90 days of an election. [Examiner]
  • The Fleet Week loudness starts tomorrow, with “airshow practice.” [alt1053]

Image: Minesweeper via Wikipedia Commons