On Thursday in a San Mateo County courtroom, jurors heard evidence related to what prosecutors say was one of the crime scenes in the 2016 murder of Keith Green, as well as evidence of suspect Kaveh Bayat's gun collection, and of the vehicle believed to have transported Green's body.

Wealthy Chinese American heiress Tiffany Li, 33, and her boyfriend, Bayat, stand accused in the April 2016 murder of Green, with whom Li had two children. The prosecution has contended that after breaking up with Green and taking up with his friend, Li ordered a "hit" on Green after an argument about the custody of their children, and following Green's repeated requests for financial assistance.

As KRON 4 reports, jurors heard Thursday about evidence that was found when police served warrants at Li's Hillsborough mansion in May 2016, including ammunition and blood evidence that was found in a room believed to be Bayat's "man cave." The prosecution presented evidence of blood that was found in two sinks in the home, including one in the "man cave," as well as a gun lock that was found behind a bar along with personal effects belonging to Bayat like his passport. No guns were found, though a box of .22 caliber ammunition was.

Prosecutors contend that Green was shot in the garage of the home, and then transported in Li's car to the apartment of Olivier Adella, who worked as Bayat's bodyguard. Adella sold his car shortly after the alleged murder in May 2016, and jurors also heard from a man who purchased the car and reported a strong odor of "bleach and Windex" inside. Police seized the vehicle within days of his purchasing it, and found blood both in the trunk and backseat.

Green's body was found along a remote Sonoma County road near Healdsburg.

On Wednesday, jurors heard testimony from the wife of Adella, Uta Bredenstein, who said that she and Adella had received multiple cash payments from Li in the months leading up to the crime. Adella was removed from the witness list last month after it was revealed he had contacted a defense witness who was his ex-girlfriend — which also cost him his plea deal. But Bredenstein was able to testify to a variety of key events that she knew of herself — including the five hours in which Adella left their apartment without explanation on the night of April 28, 2016, the same night Green disappeared. As ABC 7 reports, Bredenstein also testified that Li admitted she had lied to investigators about leaving the pancake house alone that night in April, saying that Green had been in the passenger seat and she allegedly asked Bredenstein questions about traffic surveillance cameras.

Bredenstein also testified that Li attended her daughter's birthday party three days after Green's disappearance and murder, and that Li had "given the bride away" at her marriage to Adella a week after that, on May 9, 2016.

Jurors also heard from one of Green's close friends on Wednesday. As KRON 4 reports, tattoo artist Daniel Hernandez testified that he was close with Green, Li, and Bayat, and that he drove Green to Li's mansion in the fall of 2015 when he suspected that Li was cheating on him with his friend, Bayat. Hernandez also testified that he immediately suspected foul play from Li and Bayat when Green disappeared in late April 2016, and that he had been told by Bayat not to speak to anyone about Green's disappearance.

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