A Sacramento-area woman says she's freaked out by the fact that a naked stranger got into her backyard last week, took his clothes off, and chilled naked in her hot tub. And he also kept trying to get her back sliding door to open, to no avail.

The woman says that she and her daughter were asleep in their home in Folsom, California when a strange man came creeping around the backyard last Friday night. It wasn't until the next day, as CBS Sacramento reports, that she noticed a flap on her hot tub appeared out of place. After checking footage from her Ring home security system, she saw that a man had been trying to fiddle with her sliding door, multiple times, and got into his birthday suit for a soak in the hot tub, which she says she rarely uses.

The woman appears incensed that local police don't want to investigate this as a serious crime — the suspect is being treated as a "suspicious person" and not as an attempted burglar, because cops say the footage shows him appearing intoxicated and possibly believing he was trying to get into his own home. Also, he left a pair of prescription eyeglasses behind.

"I will never look at this backyard and a hot tub the same way again. It makes it hard when you have that visual," says the woman. She also says she'd like to press charges, but hasn't been given the opportunity, and she wants the man to be identified and "shamed."

Per CBS Sacramento, the woman is doubling down on her security system, and having cameras that detect motion in her yard send notifications immediately to a security company.

Perhaps she should speak with this San Francisco resident, who can see her naked hot tub trespasser and raise her several addicts doing heroin at her dining room table while she was on vacation.