Fear not, sausage fans and Toronado regulars! Yesterday's announcement of the closure of Rosamunde Sausage Grill in the Lower Haight has been quickly followed by news that the space is actually being taken over by a longtime Rosamunde employee and getting turned into a German sausage place called Berliner Berliner.

The woman behind the venture, as Hoodline tells us today, is Berlin native Christine Blunck, who's actually worked at the Haight Street shop since it opened in 1998. And as neighbor Samson Shirakhon, co-owner of Noc Noc, tells Hoodline, Blunck is "the heart and soul" of Rosamunde — that location anyway — and so very little is going to change. Blunck has even said she plans to continue the Rosamunde tradition of serving burgers on Tuesday only.

Blunck says the new menu will be somewhat familiar for Rosamunde fans, but she'll be adding some German specialties that she won't yet name.

And with longtime ties at next-door beer bar Toronado, it sounds like everyone's happy that Blunck is getting to go into business for herself.

Look for Berliner Berliner to make its debut on Halloween, October 31, with an "all-day party."

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