This pug who has more followers on Instagram than you probably have (over 16,000) was apparently stolen out of his human's apartment in the Mission District on Wednesday night, and the dog has now been safely returned after a frightening ordeal.

Kelly Fitch posted to Instagram at around 10 p.m. Wednesday to say that her seven-year-old pug was missing, and she immediately offered up a $15,000 reward for his safe return. Fitch tells ABC 7 that she came home Wednesday evening and the dog was gone, and there couldn't be any explanation except that he was stolen. She even has security cameras at her studio apartment, but after watching the footage "a million times over," she says they didn't capture anything.

Fitch was especially worried because Otis suffers from seizures and needs special food and medication. She offered multiple retail locations where someone could return Otis anonymously, no questions asked.

But as of Thursday morning, Fitch posted that her beloved pet was found and returned to her by a stranger. She promises to tell more of the story later — she mentioned to ABC 7 that she had a 2,000-person event to manage for work today — but says that this stranger "who owed me nothing gave me my entire world back and jumped through hoops to get [Otis] off the streets and back to me."

All told, the incident boosted Otis's Insta following by about 3,000 people overnight, so that's nice.

It's unclear if the stranger/savior is collecting his reward or not.

More details on the dog theft as we get them.