They tried to warn us, but after just two days of the planned 20-day closure of Runway 28L, SFO has clocked a dramatic number of cancellations and delayed flights — with delays seeming to be a lot longer than were initially predicted.

On Saturday, the official first day of the construction, SFO reported nearly 350 impacted flights — 103 canceled and 244 delayed — as ABC 7 reported. On Sunday, that was followed by another 114 delays and 34 cancelations, per the Chronicle, which were relatively better numbers but still not terrific. SkyWest Airlines canceled a total of 89 of its regional flights.

And the delays were not all the 30 to 45 minutes that the airport previously suggested that they would average — one passenger showed ABC 7 an updated itinerary showing a short flight from LAX that got delayed five hours and twenty minutes. Other passengers talked to the Chronicle about three-plus-hour delays that their airlines didn't warn them about. "They knew it was going to be bad, but they didn’t tell us,” said one passenger stuck in North Carolina on her way home to SF. “There was no warning at all. That’s just not OK."

On the first weekday of construction, today, the airport had already reported 80 cancellations and 96 delays as of 6:30 a.m., as ABC 7 reports.

The construction is occurred at a key intersection of runways at the airport, which is impacting both arriving and departing flights. As KRON 4 notes, the construction is set to last until September 27.