People keep leading law enforcement on high-speed chases along 101 in Sonoma County this summer. The latest was Sergio Guerra, a man with “nothing to lose,” who was arrested by the Petaluma Police Department (PPD) Saturday morning after evading active officers — and parking multiple times in the middle of various streets, along the way.

Per KPIX/CBS SF, the 37-year-old Sebastopol resident was arrested on "suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest, and felony evading police" around 2 a.m. today. Driving a gray Chevrolet Silverado, Guerra drove past the 7-11 convenience store where PPD officers were perched, hearing the Chevy traveling at lightning speeds down Petaluma Boulevard South.

Guerra then pulled into the parking lot near the officers, leaned out his window and asked them if they were going to arrest him, and saying he had "nothing to lose.”

So, without a care in the world, Guerra then reportedly drove out of the parking lot, speeding again speeding down Petaluma Boulevard South, where he then proceed to stop in the middle of the road.

But that’s when the plot, truly, begins to thicken.

Displaying less-than-sober behavior, officers questioned Guerra, believing that he was intoxicated, and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

Guerra had other plans.

Not only did he fail to pull over, but Guerra then proceeded to speed through neighborhoods at 65 mph, all while ignoring traffic signals. The chase then veered onto Highway 101, where officers were joined by California Highway Patrol, following Guerra’s Silverado at speeds up to 85 mph.

During the pursuit, Guerra’s vehicle was damaged, eventually catching fire as he snaked-up the Cotati Grade. Eventually he, again, just decided to stop — in the middle of the highway, this time.

Silverado smoking, Guerra ignored officers’ commands to exit the truck, leaving an on-site officer no choice but to break is passenger window to send K-9 Basko into the car to secure the arrest.

Officers were then able to take Guerra into PPD custody; he was first sent to a nearby hospital for minor wounds before ultimately being arrested.

Today's case follows another similar one from last weekend, in which 36-year-old Marc Meyer was arrested following a high-speed chase on suspicion of felony reckless evading, DUI, felony hit and run, and felony assault with a deadly weapon on an officer. As the Press-Democrat reported, Meyer was seen running a red light in Cotati around 1:40 a.m. last Saturday, "before nearly colliding with one patrol car and then forcing an officer and driver — stopped for a separate traffic issue — to jump out of the way as the sedan came within inches of the second patrol car." Meyer then allegedly led officers on a chase up 101 to Rohnert Park, where he exited and smashed up his Toyota.

Back in June, another high-speed chase started in Rohnert Park and extended up to Santa Rosa on 101. As the Press-Democrat reported, 34-year-old Celicio B. Leon's Dodge Durango had to be stopped with spike strips, and he was actually driving on a suspended license related to an earlier DUI charge.

Photo: Courtesy of Edward Kimmel, via Flickr