A budding YouTuber by the name of Tom Dehnel has just produced a video about the pleasures and pains, wonders and woes of living in our fair city.

I'm going to try to go easy on the guy because he clearly has come to love San Francisco in the year since he arrived, and this nine-minute video comes out of the more earnest vein of YouTube creation where he's just trying to make something pleasant and watchable and easy to digest. But! I can't not knock him for starting out with that quote that's apocryphally attributed to Mark Twain about summer in San Francisco — Twain did not say this! And the video is on the overlong side. He neglects to mention some obvious things like how much people in this town like to day-drink. And he apparently hasn't seen our best pizza list because those slices he films himself trying and saying "meh" to do not look SFist-approved.

There's also some pretty rote observations about San Franciscans — we like standing in lines for food, we pay too much for housing — and some gratuitous shots of homeless people. But there is something informative about seeing the city through the eyes of a one-year resident. Though maybe not that informative.

Also, here's SFist's list of the best quotes about San Francisco, which does not include that one that Mark Twain never said.

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