• San Jose firefighters were battling a dicey blaze inside a bridge today, which may have been caused by piles of trash. The fire erupted inside a service tunnel, and temperatures in the tunnel reached 700 degrees, with lethal levels of carbon monoxide. [Bay City News]
  • Stanford University is investigating a noose that was found mysteriously hanging from a tree. Evoking an image of lynching, some minority students in a nearby dorm felt the stunt was targeting them. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A new climate change report suggests that California could bake in "killer heat" of 105+ degrees for more than 30 days per year by the end of the century. That's just in coastal cities, while parts of the Central Valley could see two to four months above 105, which would basically kill the agricultural industry. [ABC 7]
  • The SFPD officers involved in possible illegal evidence gathering in the "Rideshare Rapist" case testified on Monday. Assistant District Attorney Lailah Morris that regardless of how the DNA evidence was obtained, all evidentiary roads were going to lead to the same suspect. [Examiner]
  • A Greek man has been charged in the July 2 slaying of Oakland scientist Suzanne Eaton, on the island of Crete. [Chronicle]
  • Following an April report about a spike in male teen suicides following its premiere, the Bay Area-set Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has cut a controversial suicide scene, years after it premiered. [New York Times]
  • Nadeem Tahir, a former Federal Transit Administration program director, has been named the permanent director for the SFMTA's Central Subway project. [Bay City News]
  • Tartine's Inner Sunset location on 9th Avenue opened today. [Tablehopper]

Photo courtesy of Cheron Perkins