It turns out that one of the writers for Mission Local is a resident at 959 South Van Ness Avenue, the house that was used for exterior shots and a few interiors in the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

The acclaimed film has brought some gawkers around to the Mission neighborhood to take Insta shots of the house — which in the movie is supposed to be in the historically black Fillmore District. And Julian Mark from Mission Local has the real inside history of the house via his 83-year-old landlord, John Tyler, a retired water chemist. Tyler, who is gay, first came to the 1889-built house when it belonged to (as he says) "a bunch of queens" in the 1950s who shared it and threw "wild parties." He first saw and fell in love with the place in late 1960, and within a couple of years had bought it with a friend. Forced to sell in 1964 by that same friend, Tyler circled back to San Francisco after some time overseas only to find it for sale again in 1970, at which point he bought it back for $47,500 and began the long, slow project of restoring it.

Marks has some other great details about the house's inhabitants, via Tyler, and some pretty photos of the very Victorian interior. Check out the whole piece here.

And below, ICYMI, the trailer for the film.