A group of people protesting the police, corporate participation in Pride, the incarceration of trans people, and a half dozen other things laid down across Market Street Sunday morning and temporarily blocked the Pride parade from moving. The protest began just after 11 a.m. near the intersection of Market and Sixth Streets, and the Dykes on Bikes contingent at the front of the parade was not able to move through until noon.

The protest came after an earlier reported dustup among LGBTQ employees of Google, who had asked that their company be banned from the parade, and as some similar tensions arose in New York over the Heritage of Pride Parade. In New York, a competing parade called the Queer Liberation March took place on Sunday.

As the Examiner reports, the protesters at SF's parade intended to stay put for 50 minutes to commemorate the 50 years since the Stonewall riots. The protesters had plastic pipe covering their interlocked hands, which was covered in rainbows.

In the end, two people were arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and interfering with a parade route: 21-year-old Taryn Saldivar of Oakland, and 27-year-old Kenneth Bilecki of Santa Rosa. Saldivar was also suspected of battery of a police officer. NBC Bay Area reports that one officer was injured in the scuffle.

KPIX has some chopper footage of the protest.

Per the Examiner:

Minutes before taking over the street, protesters gathered with signs that said said “Pinko Commie Dykes against cops” and “Death to the Police State” as a purple-haired demonstrator named Zedgar Infiniti took up a microphone.
“For too many years, San Francisco has chosen to ignore a safer Pride without police,” Infiniti said. “They brutally arrested several trans people over the past years. We ask for the police to release every trans (person) from San Francisco’s jail.”

Additionally, the group had a number of demands that also included making Pride accessible for the disabled, and removing corporations from the parade.

According to CBS, some in the crowd along the parade route shouted and jeered at the protesters.

Many people on Twitter have expressed pleasure in the fact that a Pride parade was returned to its protest roots.

And while the protest reportedly ended peacefully, one cellphone video was being used on Twitter to make a claim of police brutality: