It was the 27th year for Dyke March on Saturday, the annual gathering and procession of queer women, non-binary people, and their allies. As in previous years, it was a lively and more purely political event than the Sunday Pride parade, and this year's theme was "Take Up Space."

The day began with thousands of LGBTQ people gathered in Dolores Park, with an area immediately around the stage, below the playground, reserved for "dykes only."

The march left Dolores Park at 5 p.m., wove through the Mission via 18th Street, Valencia, and 16th Street, ultimately leading up to Market Street, over to Castro, and back down 18th Street to complete the circle.

As attendees tell Mission Local, "No one here is being sponsored by anyone. They’re just here to hang out."

And as 28-year-old Marshanette Nunes tells the Chronicle, after attending her 14th Dyke March, "We have one lesbian bar in the city, maybe two? So today is Dyke Day. The message today is to continue taking action toward celebrating and supporting all queer communities that tend to be marginalized in America."

Photo: Jay Barmann/SFist

The day ended with stoop and street parties still raging all over the neighborhood, including one on 18th Street outside Bi-Rite that would not be deterred despite fire trucks and street sweepers trying to clear the street.