The comedy, music, and podcast high-jinks of Clusterfest don’t kick off for a couple hours, but you can get your yada-yada-yada’s out with our sneak preview of the immersive Seinfeld and The Office attractions.

To those of you stuck in the office counting down the hours until the third annual Clusterfest begins, take the virtual tour of The Office and Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld that the comedy festival will be offering. We already knew that full Seinfeld and The Office “activations” would offer immersive activities for this year’s big comedy revue, but seeing and touching real costumes and props used on set will give your funny bone goosebumps if you’re a fan of these shows.  

You, too, can sit at Pam’s/Erin's reception desk, and it’s the actual-very-same desk that was used in production on the series, with every single prop intact as well.

To avoid the long lines of previous years’ activations, the 2019 Clusterfest will use a same-day reservation system for these attractions — as well as for the smaller "club" shows in the rooms inside Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. You need the Clusterfest app for iOS or Android to make reservations, but the attractions are free for attendees, and a Clusterfest rep tells SFist that the reservation system opens at 8 a.m. each day.

Holy Schrute, it Pam’s wedding dress! The actual costumes worn by your favorite Office staff also include Darryl’s warehouse uniform and Dwight’s ski mask, among other props like rabies quilt squares and a CPR dummy mask.

And hello Newman, the full Seinfeld apartment set is back too, marking its second time in Civic Center (the set was featured at the first Clusterfest in 2017) and the 30th anniversary of the show’s premiere (Christ, we’re old!). Originally it was a nod to Jerry Seinfeld himself who was a headliner at the first Clusterfest.

There is fully a functioning “Kramer door” through which you can clumsily emerge, as we see Josh Constine of TechCrunch doing above.

Every single detail of the Seinfeld kitchen is represented, right down to the comically outdated Black & Decker Spacemaker.

Every game Jerry played and every book discussed on the show is represented on the shelves. Unlike The Office set, though, these are not the originals ⁠— but Warner Brother had them produced “to spec,” which is TV show speak for a precisely detailed replica.

The Seinfeld set perfectly captures the 1990s crappiness of rotary phones and oversize TV remote controls, and heck yes you can sit on the furniture.

Should you need a reminder, this year’s Clusterfest features John Mulaney, Amy Poehler & Friends, Patton Oswalt, Whitney Cummings, Issa Rae, The Roots, Big Freedia, and a whole lot more.

But if you’re not attending Clusterfest, be aware that the Civic Center area is, well, kind of a clusterfest of gates, fences, and road detours now through Monday. People, this is probably not the best weekend to visit the SF Library Main Branch.

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