The first ever, and likely to be annual, Colossal Clusterfest concluded Sunday night in Civic Center, capping off three days and nights of pretty non-stop laughs — and selfies on Jerry Seinfeld's fictional 1990s couch. Day Three featured the likes of Anna Faris, Ron Funches, Hasan Minhaj, Anthony Jeselnik, Hannibal Burress, Rupaul's Drag Race stars Alaska Thunderf**k and Bob the Drag Queen, and big weekend headliner Jerry Seinfeld. And providing music interludes Sunday there was the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Lizzo, Jidenna, Tegan & Sara, and Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum's amazing female Prince cover band, Princess.

Bob the Drag Queen did a great closing set in the small Larkin Comedy Club in Bill Graham, joking that everyone in the audience had made the distinct choice to "come watch a bunch of random-ass drag queens rather than go see Jerry Seinfeld." And meanwhile Seinfeld, while still able to command a major crowd — and, strangely for those who've never seen his standup outside the clips on his former NBC sitcom, using curse words — felt a bit stuck in a different era of observational comedy after a weekend that featured the likes of Tig Notaro, Rory Scovel, Chris Gethard, Sarah Silverman, and other great comedians who have distinctly edgier storytelling styles.

Meanwhile, in It's Always Sunny's Paddy's Pub, they were showing the Warriors game starting at 5 p.m., and in Seinfeld world, the Soup Nazi picked up the Festivus pole that had been hiding in the Seinfeld apartment all weekend, and once all grievances were aired, he led a Festivus parade through the festival grounds.

As we await final tally attendance numbers, please check out SFist's exclusive gallery from Day Three, and you can check out the gallery from Day One and Two right here.