A suspect was identified Wednesday afternoon in the bizarre stabbing deaths of two male victims on consecutive nights on a remote road in San Mateo County. 26-year-old Malik Dosouqui of Pacifica was named as the suspect in the second killing Tuesday night, which occurred in the same area as the first killing discovered on Monday. He was taken into custody at the scene Tuesday after appearing to flee in a vehicle.

As ABC 7 reports, the second victim, whom officers heard crying for help just before midnight Tuesday as they were on the scene investigating Monday's stabbing, has been identified as 31-year-old John Sione Pekipaki. Pekipaki was working for a tow-truck company, and a family member tells ABC 7 that he was called out to the area on Skyline Boulevard Tuesday night, near Woodside, to tow a vehicle.

The victim found Monday night by officers in the area on an unrelated call was identified Wednesday as 32-year-old Abdulmalek Nasher of Pacifica. Nasher was the owner of a taxi company called Skyline Yellow Cab, and family members tell KRON 4 he was called out to pick someone up around 10 p.m. Monday.

Both victims were married fathers with small children.

As the Chronicle reports, via police radio calls, officers apparently recovered a possible weapon when they arrested Dosouqui, following a brief standoff. They said they recovered a "large, flat knife."

Dosouqui was hospitalized with lacerations related to crashing his BMW into a ditch Tuesday night after attempting to flee the scene and taking fire from sheriff's deputies.

Authorities have yet to confirm any connection between the two cases, though they are strangely similar.

In March, Dosouqui reportedly pleaded no contest to a disturbing the peace charge following a bizarre incident in Half Moon Bay. As the Chronicle writes, witnesses reported Dosouqui "walking in the middle of the road 'trying to touch people.'"

When deputies arrived, Dosouqi ignored commands to get out of the road and resisted attempts to detain him. He was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and being under the influence of drugs, according to the log entry.

Speaking to the Chronicle, a neighbor in Pacifica who grew up with Dosouqui describes a shift in his demeanor in the last few years and some strange behavior.

San Mateo County DA Steve Wagstaffe says he doesn't expect to get the case until next week, after Dosouqui is released from the hospital.

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Photos above of victims Abdulmalek Nasher (left) and John Pekipaki (right) via Twitter